Thanks very much for wanting to join the training. We have two levels of training available at this time. We understand that a number of you may be new to practice and need to get the basics down before developing a full Corporate Wellness business so we’ve created a lower priced option for you.

Our BASIC program is designed to jump start you into getting some clients and learning how to boost your practice in a meaningful way. It has 5 key modules and some practice building tools to help you get a strong start and then use this momentum to grow into a more robust business.

Our CORE program comes with all of the modules along with a number of key resources including our HEALTH FAIR creation module, access to Well.Org resources, a One and One initial consultation, and many more additional resources. CORE graduates are become Certified Wellness Practitioners and will have their profile listed on Well.Org for our client companies to search.

You can always upgrade from the BASIC course to CORE when you’re ready and we encourage serious students to do so. BASIC students will have access to the weekly calls for 6 months whereas the CORE students will have access for life.

There is no application process needed for the BASIC training but there is one for CORE students. If you have any questions, please email

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